Customised Showerscreens & Mirrors

At Eurobodalla Showerscreens & Wardrobes, we offer free measurements and quotes. After taking measurements, we will install the products in 5 to 10 days (express service is available depending on available materials). 

For mirrors, we can either supply you with the product or come and install it for you. As you look through our showerscreen options, please take into consideration the following elements:

  • Waterproofing: With the renovation or construction of a bathroom, waterproofing and framing are important elements to be considered.
  • Size of Shower: The standard size of a shower recess is 900 mm x 900 mm with a minimum 500 mm-opening for the door.
  • Access to Tap and Vanity: A showerscreen design should allow access to the taps from outside without getting wet. Consider the position of the toilet and vanity unit when designing your showerscreen, as they may restrict the opening of the showerscreen door.

  • Location of Shower Rose: Ensure the shower rose is situated below the top of the showerscreen so as to limit water spray. To further reduce the opportunity of water spraying outside the showerscreen, position the door of the showerscreen so that it is not directly in front of the shower rose.
  • Safety Features: Outward opening pivot showerscreen doors will assist safety in an emergency.

Our Products

Frameless Showerscreens

An overall sense of space is created with our frameless showerscreens. While most showerscreens would use vertical and horizontal lines, ours are frameless to open the space and let in light. Designed using 10 mm toughened safety glass; our products are supported by a wall channel or brackets (available in satin or polished chrome finish). Choose from clear or patterned glass for the showerscreen panel. 

Semi-Frameless Showerscreens

Although our semi-frameless showerscreens enjoy openness, this type offers a broader versatility of design. The 6 mm toughened safety glass is supported on the perimeter by an unobtrusive aluminium channel. Choose a magnetic or plain door closure to move the door inward or outward. For style, glass can be clear, textured or frosted. The frosted glass is popular with customers who want to create a softer look in the bathroom.

Fully-Framed Showerscreens

By far the most robust showerscreen design, our fully-framed option offers two design modes: a pivoting door or a door with sliding panels. This robust design is fully supported and can be configured to match the size and layout of any bathroom. The glass is available in clear or patterned, and the frame in five colours including the popular silver or white.

The framed shower panel uses 6 mm safety glass and comes with a choice of conventional simplicity or a splash of colour. It is a cost-effective option for screening a bath or shower recess. You may further customise your showerscreen with a wider opening, grab rail, and more. We can accommodate any need for disability access that you require.

Shower Panels

In recent years, shower panels have grown in popularity as a way to screen a bath or shower area. They can be a fixed panel or a combination of a fixed and hinged panel. You may choose between the frameless 10 mm toughened panel and the framed 6 mm panel, and clear or textured glass.

The 10 mm toughened panel is one of our more requested products, as it offers polished edges and a curved top corner, which is fitted using chrome-polished brackets. This simple design is an impressive addition to any bathroom, allowing endless combinations of colour and texture.


Whether you want a mirror installed in your bathroom or bedroom, your home will benefit from increased light and the appearance of increased space. Our mirrors can be customised to match the colour of your other products and can be used as a vanity or full-length mirror. We offer three styles of mirror, each of which contributes to an elegant and simplistic style appreciated by all interior designers:
  • Bevel Edge 
  • Polish Edge 
  • Framed


To help protect your finely-crafted products, we use EnduroShield on any glass surface and showerscreens that you require. EnduroShield is an ultra-thin transparent film which adheres completely to a glass surface and provides protection by repelling both water- and oil-based dirt and stains. 

• Makes cleaning a breeze. • Needs to be applied just once. • Prevents build-up of mould and bacteria. • Protects against soap scum and chemicals. • Provides a 3-year warranty against water and stains.*

Should you want your products protected by EnduroShield, simply ask us about it when you place your next order.

*Protective Coating Technologies warranties that EnduroShield™  will remain water- and stain-resistant for a three-year period from the date of application.

Showerscreens We Offer
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